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Free Hunting Game Downloads


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Cheats and Hints for these games are found further down this page


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Oquirrh Hunting Game Cheats, Hints and Codes

Additional Cheats and Hints may be found HERE

The Hunting Game

Free $100 Browning Bucks:

From the Set-Up Screen (where name is entered), go to the very upper left-hand corner and press "Control" and the number "4" at the same time

Get All Medallions:

Main Lodge Screen- go to the very upper left-hand corner and press "Control" and the "home" keys at the same time

Open All Hunting Areas

Main Menu Screen - go to very upper left corner, press the "control" and "page up" keys at same time

Add 30 Seconds to any Level in Shooting Gallery

With under 10 seconds left, go to upper left corner and press "control" and "tab" at same time

Browning Duck Hunter - Browning Elk Hunter - Browning Turkey Hunter

Free $100 Browning Bucks

Shop Screen - go to the very upper left-hand corner and press "Control" and the number "4" at the same time

African Safari Game

Finding Animals............

Since the animals roam randomly throughout the seven hunting areas, the following keys can be hit at anytime to show where the most of any species is at a given moment:

Rhino - hit "r"    Lion - hit "l"     Zebra - hit "z"       Croc - hit "c"

Blue Wildebeest - hit "b"     Impala - hit "I"    Water Buffalo - hit "w"

Hitting the "Esc" key prior to the person talking will speed up going through the museum, outfitter and shop screens

Avoiding Trophy Fees and Permit Penalties

After taking any animal, you can avoid these fees by going back to the village and sleeping thru until you are forced back to the states.

Free Browning Bucks

These can be obtained by pressing the "control" and "number 4" keys at the same time while having your cursor in the very upper left corner of the equipment hut.

Flylogic Fly Fishing the Green River

Tip Number 1, there is a cheat code that will enable you to get all the greenbucks you need to buy all of the best equipment. In the shop,click on the area that contains the dry-fly dressing and the landing net. When there, "right click" the reconditioner, then immediately "left click" the landing net. This will recondition your net worth to $5000.

Oquirrh Production Hunting Games are Windows 95, 98, ME and NT Compatible


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